Essay on assessment of upcoming troubles for wellbeing treatment management

Well being care sector in the present-day overall economy oriented environment is contributing eight to 15% to the overall economy of your almost all of the acquiring countries. Hence, the importance of the wellness treatment sector are unable to be undermined when compared with other beneficial and financial gain oriented sectors like tourism, companies, telecommunication, sector etcetera. (Walshe & Smith, 2011). Keeping in view the growing worth of your wellbeing treatment sector and the revenues associated with it, the administration of overall health care has gained prime worth and special measures are being taken to manage this profitable economic sector. Irrespective on the economic importance of this sector, there are few difficulties during the administration of health treatment which need to be accounted for keeping in view the present growth rate and rising value of wellness care sector. The upcoming worries in the heath care management can be analyzed in terms of provision and total management of your overall health treatment. The provision of health and fitness care needs to be managed by the governments (Walshe & Smith, 2011). There are two aspects of your provision of wellness care by the governments. The first aspect deals with bringing in more citizens under the purview of wellness insurance programs and to cater the low income classes from the insurance programs for provision of quality health and fitness treatment (Harvard Business Review, 2015). The other aspect deals with increasing the revenues either by bringing in more citizens within the insurance program or by levying taxes on the rich and high-income class. The Obama Treatment Act serves the both purposes. However, such measures need to be streamlined and implemented by every country to provide quality and cheap health care to every citizen in the states. (Harvard Business Review, 2015) The main challenge in this regard is to deal with the controversies arising out of tax provisions of such acts and dealing with the scarcity of resources which need to be dealt with on priority in order to deliver the impact to the grass root level effectively and efficiently. The second challenge on the health and fitness care management deals with the total overall health management. On account of well being treatment plans like Obama Treatment, the organizations are facing an increased rate of costs in overall health care which are emerging as huge business problem. For example, a renowned airline had to manage an increase in its overall health care costs, without reduction of benefits, to the extent of 5% between the years 2004 to 2005(Mathews, 2006). For that reason, inside the wake of increased costs of health and fitness treatment, total administration or the cost administration of wellbeing care has gained prime value inside the present era. Organizations have to face the challenge of total wellness administration by managing the costs of wellbeing treatment through data-driven plan design, member education tools, personalized treatment management, data administration, employees support service administration, and effective delivery of wellness care(Mathews, 2006). All these factors are the main part of total health and fitness management model which deals directly with the cost administration of wellness treatment. The long run of overall health care administration lies in the effective administration of resources which must be aimed at provision of quality treatment to your patients with increasing revenues for the organization. In order to achieve effective administration of overall health treatment at organizational and national level, effective policies are required with an implementation of cost administration skills. This is the only way to maximize the profits while providing quality health treatment in limited organizational or national overall health treatment resources.

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